• What sort of income can I expect as a Psychic?

    The truth, that as a fresh website we always add more and more Specialists that are on-line, speaks for it self. We thrive to offer the most effective support to our crew of Specialists, along with the most satisfying service to our customers. Since our beginning, we have experienced an amazing increase because of this. It’s up to your possibility that finally determines your income.

    Also, as an Specialist, you can get additional streams of income by referring other psychics.

  • How is your job better than the competition?

    The portal site is made to bring customers needing advice together with those who possess powerful skills to offer guidance and assistance.

    We’re the first global Esoteric Web-Cam Community with chat that is complimentary. Because we don’t want to blindly charge those who are seeking aid to our members, we provide unlimited free chat before a personal consultation. Visitors will soon have the ability to communicate with Specialists in the chat space that is complimentary to talk about their problems, and the personal compensated consultation starts just following an assistance session is provided. For this reason we have been looking for 2 qualities in powerful religious skills psychics, and want to assist those in need.

  • What is your mission?

    Our mission is to help people.

  • What is your affiliation?

    Duodecad ITS (Oranum’s parent organization) is a global number of businesses operating in internet business for over a decade. We have 3 locations having a team of more than 500 specialists: in LA (United States), central offices in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and assitance-promotion sections in Budapest (Hungary).

  • How will people know about me?

    We are going to establish multiple marketing campaigns that are large, promotion you as well as your services on lifestyle sites, portal sites that are esoteric, leading news portals, and many more. We WOn’t ever perform any competitive advertising campaign and don’t support, but we purpose with premium yet cost-effective solutions at a high end market.

  • Who sets my schedule?

    The Psychic might select their own program. The program may be uploaded in the centre that is psychic, we request that you just do that at least weekly beforehand. Visitors will soon have the ability to find out your program, so please don’t disappoint your visitors, that are waiting especially for you yourself to come online.

    We need one to be on the web in the hours established in your program, but you’re welcome as you’ll find visitors 24/7 seeking for guidance. to join more than intended.

  • How much am I required to be online?

    We anticipate our Specialists to be existing at least 14 hrs weekly in the chat space that is complimentary. Your program must contain one or more total hours, beginning in the beginning of the hour (e.g. 5 pm, 6 pm, etc.) Needless to say, in the event that more time may be allocated by you, you’re welcome to surpass the time-slots that are stipulated. According to our experience, the most effective results who are on the web some hrs daily are reached by these psychics.

  • What is the Free chat area?

    Free chat space is where our visitors can get along with you. When you log to the psychic centre and hit the ‘Go online’ button, visitors will soon have the ability to gain access to your online account page at Oranum.com. You’ll have the ability to go over the issues after they enroll as members and and buy credits, and they will have, they’ll have the ability to book you to get a personal consultation.

    You may even select to remain in “member area”, which means you do not have to participate in free chat, while on-line.

  • What is a profile page?

    The profile page is you sub-page within the website. Visitors can see your program, your private information, your posts, videos, images, testimonies, etc. – every thing that you submitted in the psychic centre. Members will have the ability to hire you for a personal consultation out of your own profile page plus they are able to also request an e-mail reading.

  • What is a credit?

    According to where the member is living one credit may equal one Euro or one Dollar. Psychics are consistently paid in $US.

  • How do I know how much I earned?

    Oranum computes your income after each personal consultation and processes the repayments. It’s possible for you to examine your numbers immediately in the Psychic Center.

  • What type of payout methods can I choose?

    You can expect several payout techniques which you could select from:

    Payoneer – Virtual bank-account using a MasterCard debit card that is plastic. We strongly counsel one to select this alternative, as it’s the simplest, best, and quickest alternative for your proceeds. Minimal payout is 100 USD.

    Bank Money Transfer – Money transfer directly to to your own own bank account. With highincome, this alternative is recommended for Psychics as a result of high-priced transfer charges. Minimal payout is 300 USD.

    Check – advocated for U.S. centered Psychics. Minimal payout is 100 USD.

  • When will I receive my money?

    In the event you reach the minimum pay-out sum in the first-period of the month (1st-15th) you get your pay-out on the tenth of next month.

    In the event you achieve the minimum pay-out amount in the second-period of the month (16th-end-of the month) you get your pay-out on the 25th of the next month.

    We consistently begin to transfer payouts several days before the pay-out day. Nevertheless, please remember the official pay-out day is the 25th as well as the 10th.

  • What kind of computer and equipment do I need to work as a Online Psychic?

    You will need to have microphone and speakers or a headset.

    The minimum computer requirements are the following:

    CPU: Pentium III. 1.8 GHz
    RAM: 1GB RAM
    INTERNET: 1024 kbit/sec upload speed
    CAMERA: Webcam or handy cam
    Wireless: Please note that wireless connections can be unstable for video broadcasting, therefore we do not advise it.
    Please try connecting with a hardwired connection.

  • What are the next steps?
    1. Click the link and undergo the four measures of enrollment. Please submit your info that is valid. Make sure you fill in your skype accounts that is actual, as we’ll contact you to get a live web-cam feed interview to finalize the enrollment procedure! Should you not need a account previously, please click the link to download it it is completely free and as it’s the simplest way for people to stay in touch.
    2. Pick the payout choice. We propose you select Payoneer as it’s the best and quickest, most economical method to get your proceeds. You’ll be asked to submit three safety concerns when selecting Payoneer as your pay-out option. After distributing the concerns, you-you will soon be re-directed to the web page of Payoneer at which you need to click to the ‘Get your pre-paid MasterCard card now’ button.
    3. Once you submit all of the necessary info, you’ll be redirected to log in to your psychic centre, where it is possible to continue uploading your private information to be revealed in your own profile page: submit your program, select the languages you consult in, add pictures as well as videos, and evaluation tags.
    4. After you submitted your enrollment, a Oranum recruiting representative will contact within two days on Skype or another messenger providing you with a live camera feed for an interview. The interview will insure the guidelines of Oranum, answer your inquiries and confirm the details that are necessary.
    5. Within 24 hrs your application will generally be approved next dialogue, and also you can begin taking care of the web site, in accordance with the program you place in your center that is psychic.