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About Psychic Employment

Posted by | July 22, 2011 | Blog

For centuries, the rationality of commercializing the natural powers through psychic employment has been a complex enigma for psychics and seers. The angelic seers and psychics always felt that making a living through capitalizing their God-given powers is against ethics and is a breach of trust with the cosmic powers.

It is a great virtue to utilize the adroitness as psychics and serve the society in the best possible manner. But without capitalizing this God-given abilities, earning the livelihood is not possible. It will be too complex to serve the society with this natural powers and at the same time having a psychic profession.

It is quite logical that these psychics seem to be wary outside, but actually, the mediums, seers, or fortune tellers are highly sensitive and spiritual from deep within. Psychic employment companies, psychics, and seers are very sensitive towards the society. They always think of serving others and strongly believe that fulfilling selfish motives through these natural powers can harm the super natural powers in them. They cannot afford to lose the spiritual powers for the sake of a few dollars.

The Sagacious and ideals want to be perfect in their approach. They are adamant to serve the society without commercializing this God-gifted psychic powers. The priority for them is to allow these healing powers and love for mankind to flow through the universe. They want each heart and mind to be secured and honored. They won’t mind if they have to stay in penury rather betraying the supreme powers of God.

But we all know that work is some sort of worship. In fact, our labor is almost as important as love. Through our hard work in utilizing psychic employment, we can offer the greatest gift to our near and dear ones. It’s one of the best ways to heal this beautiful world. In other words, our work matters. It deserves our attention and honor. It should be treated the same way as we treat our loved ones.

Taking all this into consideration, working as a psychic becomes less like a minefield of ethical challenges and more like a sacred duty. There is no harm in demanding dollars as a part of fair exchange. This is a normal procedure followed in every profession. A dentist cures any tooth problems, thus improving the health and wellness of a person. There is no further ado about paying the dues neither does the dentist feels any kind of embarrassment in accepting it.

The same give-and-take concept can be applied with psychic job services. If we provide the consultancy to the client and heal their problem using the cosmic powers, it should be paid well and accepted with complete honor and respect.

Employment for psychics and their services are pure and divine and should not be used as scam and money making machines. Rather, a high moral standard has to be maintained. These God-gifted services require a lot of advertising support to spread the message of the available healing services and to reach to the people who desperately need these services.

The psychic healing service provided should also be convincing and satisfying to the individuals but no promises, commitments, or guarantees should be made during the readings. Refunds and returns can be offered in case of dissatisfaction.

A psychic service should be pure and divine, but this does not imply that it can’t be used for making a living. It simply means that psychics and seers should adhere to the highest standards.

Psychic employment services are offered with an aim of helping the masses and individuals. Since one has to bring insight, healing, and love into this world, it has to be done with complete divinity and responsibility to make psychic employment a divine task.

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